Stag’s Hollow Winery and Wines


Stag’s Hollow Winery

2237 Sun Valley Way
Okanagan Falls, B.C.
V0H 1R2

Stags Hollow Tasting at The LIft Bar and Grill

We have been doing barrel samples for the last few years at Stags Hollow,
and have always thought that this is a quality winery. The impression we have
always come away with has recently been confirmed, as Stags Hollow has been
declared BC Winery of the year. Today, we had the opportunity to taste these
wines in their proper context, with food. Here are our favorites of the day with the
food matches.

Viognier 2010 $21.99
This wine while still in the vat blew us away with its aromatics.
In the bottle it tastes of peaches, stone fruit and some floral notes with well
balanced, medium-plus acidity. Nice finish. All in all a great example of what
British Columbia can do with Viognier.
Tech Stuff: 100% Viognier, TA7.0 g/l, ph 3.45, RS 2.0L, Alc 13.9%
Spec listing

Renaissance Pinot Noir 2010 $35.00
The winery only does Renaissance wines in great vintages. This Pinot definitely
fits into the great year category. Nice ruby color, red cherry, extremely well
balanced. Rich but not drying tannins. Bordering on an intense style for a BC
Pinot. The alcohol is well balanced with the other components of the wine. All
Estate grown fruit.
Tech Stuff: 100% Pinot Noir, Clones 115 667, TA 6.0 g/,l ph 3.65, RS
2.0g,/l Alc 14.2 Spec Listing,,

Both of the above wines were matched with Roasted Scallops and a Chanterelle
and Leek Risotto. The Pinot Noir with the Risotto was a perfect match as a
complement, while the Viognier was a contrast I thought.

Renaissance Sauvignon Blanc 2011 $24.99
Lemon and lime notes leaning to what I would call citrus with a sweet note. I
thought this wine had a little more residual sugar than the tech notes state. A
little bit of pear to smooth out the citrus. A very skillful light touch of oak. Long
finish. The Winemaker’s notes describe a nervy palate with minerality, a better
description than I could come up with.
Tech Stuff: 91% Sauvignon Blanc 9% Semillon, TA 8.0g/l, ph 3.15,
RS 2.og/l Alc 13.3% Spec Lisitng

Con-Fusion 2011 $17.95
This is a very aptly-named wine. I always get confused trying to pick out the different
grapes involved in it’s production. But who cares. This wine is just for fun and is
very easy to drink. A great patio sipper on a sunny day. They must have had a lot of fun blending this one. Check out the tech notes.
Bad day picking out the RS. I thought it had less than the tech sheet shows. The
sugar and acidity are very well balanced.
Tech Stuff: 46% Gewurtz, 35% Semillon, 8%Muscat, 7%Sav Blanc,
3% Chard, 1% Viognier TA 7.4g/l, ph3.4, RS 7.0g/l, Alc 12.5% Spec

The food pairing was a Mesclun green salad with a pear Vinaigrette and Chevre
Crumble. Both wines complimented the food quite well. The Sauvignon Blanc
had a slight edge, matching the cheese.

Cabernet Franc 2010  $27.99
We were very taken with this Cab Franc from the barrel samples and have been
waiting for the release.
This is great British Columbia Cab Franc, one of the best in the market. Let’s just
say WOW for the tasting notes, and we will be buying a case.
Tech Stuff: 100% Cab Franc TA 6.5g/l, ph 3.75,RS2.0g/l, Alc 13.2%

Syrah 2010 27.99
This winery does Syrah extremely well. It reminds me of Rhone wines with
lots of white pepper and smokey, spicy notes. Lots of dark fruit and blackberry.
Lovely tannin structure. I would not say rough tannins but you know the tannins
are there. Very dark purple colour, probably helped by the Viognier fixing the
colour, Rhone style. A perfect wine with meat dishes. We are getting used to
and expecting this style of Syrah from the OK Falls region, which is quite different
to the Syrahs from Oliver. Not better, just different. This wine will age for quite a
few years, if you can resist the temptation.

Tech Stuff: 91.5% Syrah 8.5% Viognier, TA 6.6g/l, h 3.76, RS 2.0g/l Alc 13.2

The folks at the Lift Grill  and Bar matched both of these wines well. A Cannon of Beef and
Bacon Wrapped Venison Loin with glazed carrots and a Marchand de Vin. Too busy eating and tasting to take a picture of this course.

The wines from Stags Hollow just get better every year. We are looking forward
to tasting in the barrel with Dwight Sick, the Winemaker, next year.

Winery Information

Ownership: Linda Pruegger & Larry Gerelus

Vineyard manager: Larry Gerelus

Winemaker: Dwight Sick

Average case production: 7,200

Designated Viticultural Area: Okanagan Valley

Year founded: 1995

Vineyard Acreage: 9 acres in production, 18 acres newly planted

Phone (250) 497-6162
Fax (250) 497-6152

Toll Free 1-877-746-5569

Wineshop hours

May to October
11:00am to 4:30pm daily.


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