A Terrible Crime is Going to be Committed in Canada

There is going to be a terrible a crime committed in Canada May 13th. This criminal act  about to be committed was brought to my attention by  Jonathan Wilson. Jonathan has given me permission to repost his report on the  horrible crime about to be committed. As a public service here is his report.

Ever see the movie Minority Report?  You know, before Tom Cruise completely lost it?  Well, maybe he had already lost it and Spielberg was able to control him for that particular film…

Regardless, the movie featured psychic people who were able to predict when someone was going to commit a crime, and they were able to arrest the person before they even executed the unlawful act.  Very effective, right?  Right.  Well, I am telling you this because apparently while watching it the other day, I obtained the ability to do the same. I had a similar vision of someone breaking the law, and I wanted to let you know so that you could stop it.

On Friday May 13th, someone departing Robert L. Stanfield International Airport in Halifax on an Air Canada flight will be taking a number of award-winning bottles of wine made here in Nova Scotia onto an airplane and illegally transporting them to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.  I know.  Scary stuff, isn’t it? Apparently this person plans on sharing these NS wines with wine writers, wine bloggers, and anyone else who cares to try them and marvel at their deliciousness while at the Taste Camp North conference.  I am telling you this so you can alert the authorities and they can stop this act before the people in Ontario are subjected to these wines.  The law this reckless person plans to break has been in affect since prohibition times, so you know that it means business.  I don’t want to hear about the fact that this law is outdated.  He need to be stopped.  People across this country do not need access to the wines made in Nova Scotia. It will only complicate things.  What’s next, you think that the wines of Nk’Mip Cellars or Black Hills Winery should be able to be shipped to Nova Scotia or Ontario as well????  You want people to be able to bring back the wines of Tawse and Vineland estates???  What is wrong with you people?  This needs to stop.  If this happens, people may be more inclined to drink Canadian wine instead of Chilean, Californian or Australian!  NOOOOO!!

Listen, if you really feel the need to transport wines across borders, go to the United States.  That way you can buy the wine, and carry it across the border legally.  If you are bringing it from another country, that’s fine!  But taking it across borders in Canada in which there are no border guards is just plain ridiculous.  You need to do your part.  Protect your land!

Now,  I know this person’s flight number and the type of car they will be renting when they land at Lester B. Pearson International Airport.  If we can’t stop him before he leaves Halifax, we can at least get him before he gets the wines in the hands (and palates) of all the educated people at the conference.  If he is allowed to do that, the demand for the products will go up and it will create a huge buzz in the Canadian wine world.  We cannot have that.  If we can’t get him going to Ontario, he will certainly try to take back some Niagara wines to Nova Scotia upon his return.

I have posted a picture and profile of the person below so you can track him down.  Note how sinister he looks.  Every person who brings wine across a provincial border is breaking the law and will look as sketchy as he.  Do what you can, and turn him in:

Name: Jonathan Wilson

Profession: Sommelier/Wine Blogger

Height: 5’7

Weight: 180

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Stunningly blue

Beard: Well manicured and brown.  Note: this will make his eyes seem even more blue.

Status: Armed with a Laguiole corkscrew, passion and knowledge of many wines

He usually wears more casual clothes, so don’t look for the normal sommelier snobby wear.  Be on the lookout for loud sarcasm as it is a tell-tale sign that you have found him.  He is not to be underestimated. Do your part on May 13th and stop the transport of wines across Canadian provincial borders.  It is the most sinister crime there is…

That was Jonathans report from his blog http://labeled.ca/ I have been guilty of the same crime, I must admit. I have taken http://www.tinhorn.com/   Cab Franc to friends in Ontario. If you think that the law should be changed please go to http://freemygrapes.ca/links.shtml and sign the petition,please.

About Frank Haddad

Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Professional Spirits from WSET. Certified Specialist of Wine and Certified Specialist of Spirits from the Society of Wine Educators. French Wine Society. International Sommelier Guild,. and WSET Diploma Student. Certified Sake Professional Executive Director Modernize Wine Assoc of BC
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