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Wine for Dummies Book review

Wine for Dummies Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan ISBN: 0-470-04579-5 Format: Trade paperback Pages: 432 Pages Pub Date: October 2006 by IDG Books Worldwide Suggested retail price: $21.99 (US) Frank’s take: My copy of Wine for Dummies is looking a … Continue reading

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Free the vines!

Susan’s Warning: Okay, so I have to admit sometimes – just once in a while mind you – Frank becomes a little bit, shall we say “focused.” Sure some might call it “obsessive,” the more diplomatic suggest “tunnel vision,” but … Continue reading

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Quirky Champagne Corkers

by Frank The Australians have taken the alternate stopper gone too far! Crown caps on Champagne? The same crown caps that are on your six pack of Bud or Coors on a bottle of Cristal? Has the world gone mad? … Continue reading

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